2021 NFL Preview

If you have read my prior blogs you will realize this one is a little different because it is completely focused on the kickoff of the 2021 NFL Season. I love football and want to share my thoughts as we head into the season.

  1. The Tampa Buccaneers are the best team in the NFL and unless they are the injury team this year they will be the first back to back Super Bowl Champions since the 2003–2004 New England Patriots.
  2. The Kansas City Chiefs will miss the playoffs this year for the first time with Patrick Mahomes as a starter. I think when you combine the Super Bowl hangover, improved division, and a weaker roster they will come up short.
  3. 2 teams I have spent the last 20 years rooting against will be in the playoffs this year. New England will be back to it’s winning ways by winning the AFC East and Pittsburgh led their defense and running game will be back in the playoffs again as kings of the AFC North.
  4. Ok, I waited until bullet point #4 to mention the Miami Dolphins and I think that showed great discipline. Miami will be a Wild Card team this year and will be led by a top 10 offense and top 10 defense. I know everyone has already determined Tua Tagovailoa is a bust but he’s not, he is a pro bowler.
  5. The AFC South will be this years NFC East, Tennessee will win the division but it won’t be pretty — -all 4 teams will have single digit wins.
  6. Speaking of the NFC East, the Washington Football team will be the division champions. Their defense, improved QB play, and coaching will get it done. Plus, who is going to beat them? Dallas?
  7. Green Bay will regress but once again be the NFC North champions. The Lions are the Lions. The Bears won’t start Justin Fields until it’s too late, and Minnesota will lose a game or more because key players are out with COVID.
  8. The NFC West will be the best division in football and will be won by the LA Rams, Sean McVay and Matt Stafford will actually go all the way to the NFC Championship game.
  9. If the Cincinnati Bengals are smart (they aren’t) they will fire their Head Coach Zac Taylor after they start 1–8.
  10. I know the Cleveland Browns have a top 5 roster in the NFL, I know that the Cleveland Browns have a good coach. I even know the Cleveland Browns beat the Steelers in the playoffs last year. However, last year they benefited from an easy schedule, close wins, injury luck etc. This year they pull back and finish 3rd in a great AFC North
  11. This one might be my favorite of all, the Buffalo Bills will not circle the wagons this year, they’ll start 0–2 and never recover missing the playoffs. The Bills have talent but are we sure Josh Allen is really the guy we saw last year and not the guy from the prior 2 years? I say he regresses to an average Quarterback.
  12. Jacksonville is not going to be good again, Trevor Lawrence will struggle and Urban will take a year to get things really going.
  13. Houston and Detroit will be the worst 2 teams in the league and it won’t really be close.
  14. The Denver Broncos will return to the playoffs, if you took quarterback away from every team the Broncos have the best roster in the NFL. Bridgewater will be acceptable which is all they need to win the AFC West.
  15. It will be amazing to have full stands again in 2021.

AFC Division Winners: New England, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Denver

AFC Wild Cards: Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland

NFC Division Winners: Washington, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, LA Rams

NFC Wild Cards: San Francisco, Seattle, Minnesota

AFC Championship: Pittsburgh over New England

NFC Championship: Tampa over LA Rams

Super Bowl: Tampa over Pittsburgh

Week 1 Picks:

Washington Pk (vs Arizona)

Cleveland +6.5 (vs Kansas City)

Pittsburgh +6 (vs Buffalo)

Houston +3 (vs Jacksonville)

Tampa -1/La Rams -1 Teaser

Survivor Pick: LA Rams (Solid options with San Francisco and Carolina as well)




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