Brady or Belichick-Week 4 Picks

On Sunday Night Carrie Underwood will welcome us all to Sunday Night and what a Sunday night it will be, Brady vs Belichick, greatest Quarterback vs greatest Head Coach, but much of the talk will be about who was more important Brady or Belichick?

Tom Brady was the 199th player selected in the NFL draft after a mediocre career at Michigan (who isnt mediocre from Michigan?) and was the backup quarterback for his first season firmly behind Pro Bowler Drew Bledsoe. Fast forward to September 23rd 2001 when Mo Lewis knocks Bledsoe out of the game and the NFL changes for ever. The Patriots survive the tuck rule game, go into Pittsburgh and win the AFC title, and win 20–17 as 13 point underdogs to the St. Louis Rams. Brady goes on to win 5 more Super Bowls with the Patriots and just last year with the Bucs and becomes the undeniable GOAT.

Bill Belichick was widely recognized as a great defensive mind and after shutting down the Buffalo Bills in the 1990 Super Bowl got his first chance to be a Head Coach with the Cleveland Browns. Belichick had mixed results in Cleveland and many would argue really had things going in the right direction when Art Modell decided Baltimore was better than Cleveland and moved the franchise, leaving Belichick in the dust. Belichick got another chance in 2000 with the New England Patriots and in year 2 as Head Coach shut down the greatest show on turf to win the first of 6 Super Bowls.

Would Tom Brady have been given a chance without Belichick? Would Belichick been fired after another disappointed season if he decided to go with Bledsoe over Brady? Would Brady have 6 Super Bowls with Bruce Arians? Would Bill Belichick have 6 Super Bowls with Peyton Manning?

If you ask me? I think the great ones always figure out how to win at some level but to win 6 it took 2 greats to be elite. Without Belichick the Rams score 30 in 2001 and the Patriots lose. Without Brady the Patriots don’t rally from 28–3 against the Atlanta Falcons in 2017.

While many will debate who helped who more what we should do is just appreciate the greatest 19 year run a Coach and Quarterback have ever had and probably ever will have again.

Week 4 Picks

Minnesota +2

Miami -2.5

Houston +17

New England +7

Teaser-Seattle +8/New Orleans -1

Survivor-New Orleans

Last Week 2–3





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