Overreaction Week 2

It’s Week 2 of the NFL and everyone knows everything based on 1 week of the NFL The team that dominated is going to win the Super Bowl and the team that got blown out is going 0–17. Well, here are the maybe, possible, true statements we learned after Week 1:

  1. Urban Meyer was never really a good coach but rather just propped up by great players. While it isn’t true it is possible he isn’t cut out for the pro game but it’s also possible he took over a 1–15 team with an overhyped Rookie QB.
  2. Derrick Henry is done, he was stopped at the 1 yard line a few times and looked like he had hit the wall. It’s possible they just keyed in on him but it’s also possible leading the league in carries the last few years has caught up with him.
  3. We all said Houston was the worst team in the league, many thought they were tanking. Maybe they aren’t that bad? Maybe Tyrod Taylor has just been unlucky his whole career? Nah, most likely they are bad and just played a really good game against a rookie coach and Quarterback.
  4. Arizona and Kyler Murray will set offensive records this season as they march towards the playoffs….or they played one of the worst defenses and will still finish last in their division.
  5. Philadelphia was held back by the only Head Coach to win a Super Bowl in their franchises history, Doug Peterson, and they are a playoff contender.
  6. Mac Jones is the best of the Rookie Quarterbacks and it’s not even close, he played really well against an elite defense…and lost…at home. Go Phins.
  7. The Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen caught lightening in a bottle last year and will regress back to average and miss the playoffs this season….no really…that’s just true.
  8. The Cleveland Browns are the best team in the AFC, they went toe to toe with the Chiefs on the road, could it be true? Yes. Do they have Baker Mayfield who isn’t capable of the big game win? Yes.
  9. Aaron Rodgers is done…god speed to the Lions defense this Monday night.
  10. Drew Brees held back Sean Payton and the Saints the last few years and Lasik is the difference for Famous Jameis.

Week 2 Picks

Carolina +3.5

Chicago -1

Jacksonville +6

Pittsburgh -5.5

Baltimore +3.5

Survivor Pick: Green Bay

Last Week 4–1

YTD Record 4–1




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