Will You Die Happy?

Recently my Fiancé Jenna and I have been watching a show called Manifest on Netflix, in the show 3 of the main characters find out their “Death Date” and obviously they are chilled by finding this date. Personally, I am a planner so if I could, I think I would choose to know the date in advance but since that isn’t likely to happen I will just keep on going until it is my time. The question that I do ask myself often is will I be happy with how I lived my life when that final day comes?

Almost 3 years ago my cousin Smitty asked me to drive with him to West Virginia to meet another mutual friend and go rock climbing. Now, as you can see from the picture in the article this was not your average rock climbing, in fact as we were climbing I was almost certain that my “Death Date” was coming on that fateful day. If I am being honest, I wanted to quit many times but the beautiful irony of doing a climb like this is that going backwards is equally as scary as going forward so I just kept going.

I tell this story because I am pretty sure that life can be just one scary rock climb that you have to say yes too. Going backwards isn’t an option. Staying still isn’t an option. The only true option that will reward you is moving forward. So how does this relate to the article title?

I think there are a few things that each of us need to do to be able to make sure we can be happy when that fateful day comes:

  1. Say Yes: honestly can’t believe that I said yes to the rock climb. I am not sure that I would ever say yes to something like that again, but I can say I did it and truly am not sure I have ever felt that alive.
  2. Take Risks: Worried about failing if you change careers? Do it anyway. Start that hobby. Start that business. Everyone who matters is rooting for you.
  3. Forgive: Whether you need to forgive yourself or someone else, do it now.
  4. Be Healthy: Make sure you take care of yourself, you need to be healthy to help others. Plus, it will likely push that death date off into the future.
  5. Travel/Have Fun: Go out and travel or have as much fun as possible, allow yourself the time off, you deserve it.
  6. Love Family/Friends: Love unconditionally those that are closest to you, do more and expect less.
  7. Take Life Less Serious: Ok, I probably need this advice more than anyone. Either way, don’t take life so serious, none of us get out alive.
  8. Work Less: No one is laying on their death bed saying that they wish they could have a few more years so they could return emails.

I am not sure when my “death date” is coming but I know that when I look back I will sure be glad I said yes to climbing that mountainside in the hills of West Virginia.




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